Eat, secrete and destroy everything that hurts you!

Macroglotones is part of the Ciencia con Cristaria series and is a online free-to-play game. Eat the bacteria and secrete granzymes to destroy the tumor cells, being the savior macrophage of the organism. Try to defeat all your enemies and pass as many levels as possible to enter the Cristaria’s Ranking. Be the best macrophage!

9 years +
1 Player

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Macroglotones is a simple game where you are a macrophage that must save the body by eating bacteria and secreting granzymes to destroy tumor cells, that travel through the bloodstream. It is part of the Ciencia con Cristaria series that seeks to bring science closer to more people in an entertaining and simple way. The levels are unlimited and whoever can pass them, will be in the top in the Cristaria’s Ranking. Save your body by destroying your biological enemies!

  • Free to Play
  • Online game
  • Supports multiple browsers
  • Destroy the enemies by simply tapping on space key.
  • You can be listed to the Cristaria’s Ranking
  • Unlimited levels
  • Get the best score of all!

How to play

  • Enter the game using the language option according to your language: Spanish or English.
  • Then enter your name if you wish, otherwise you will be recognized as Anonymous, and press the escape key.
  • Press the space key to secrete granzymes and destroy tumor cells that will increase your score by 10.
  • Avoid touching tumor cells, as you will lose 1 life for each time they touch you.
  • To eat or phagocytize the bacteria, simply move with the arrow keys: up, down, left and right, you will score 1 point for each bacteria killed.
  • Each time you pass a level, the next will be more difficult to achieve.


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April 2021

Spanish / English

Online PC

Tamara Escobedo

Tamara Escobedo

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